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A New Technology for Lightning-fast Internet

By on March 13, 2012
high speed internet

Throughout the few past years, the Internet has been a huge network which is being used by maximum of the population across the globe. Now, what is internet exactly? Basically, the Internet is a worldwide format of interlinked computer networks and these networks make use of the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP). In this network, a million secondary networks which include private, confidential, public, communal, academic, scholastic, business, and government networks too. These networks are connected by a wide assortment of electronic, wireless as well as optical networking technologies. Coming back to the key topic of this article, i.e. the technology to drive Internet faster, you will get to know about this by reading the discussions below.

high speed internet

A faster drive of the internet is possible when you will avail with a lightning-fast high speed net with full-bodied stout connections and your network capacity increases more and more. Of course, this will probably cost you a bit high but you’ve got what you needed. As a matter of fact, this was made possible by the ground-breaking fibre-optic technology which confined itself under a new project named as Sardana, which included an association of European universities as well as research institutes. This particular project proved and confirmed the fact about the speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps) which is almost about 2,000 times faster than today’s fastest Internet speed.

While the project was in progress, the researchers also found and also demonstrated that this kind of a high-speed Internet can be attained and accomplished by using the present fibre communications. The project is still in its trial and tentative phases but its likely to be large enough for a great fibre network performance. Josep Prat said that they are planning for a network infrastructure which will make use of fibre which will enhance with new facilities, functions and of course a more efficient performance. For your kind information, Josep Prat is an optical communications researcher at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain and he is also a well-versed scientific controller of the project called Sardana.

As per the report of some estimates, the annual trafficking of this World Wide Web, the internet will be a necessity to be calculated in Zettabytes which is equal to 1 trillion Gigabytes. This would in fact work within the upcoming three years along with a huge increase about four times. As stated by a university, the data of all the movies will be passed to the operators and this will be done in every five minutes. Therefore, these are the measures being taken in order to provide faster internet and of course the fibre technology will enhance the users with high-speed internet.

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