Tips to Switch between Apps on Android without Closing them

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With a number of free Android applications available for download from Google Play, smartphones users would want to make the most of their dual core devices.Faster responsive processor is added to smartphones to power the users with multi tasking on the go and enable users to executes multiple tasks together.

While using so many applications together, you might need to switch between multiple apps that is from one app to another. The process of switching from one app to another is pretty simple and straight forward. You can follow the simple tips mentioned here to switch from one app to another without the need of having to close them.

The primary aim is to view the apps running and bring it to the front of your home screen so the process for that is different for different smartphones. Click and hold your fingers on the Home button of your smartphone’s screen for 2 seconds and you will find phones options like restart phone, silent mode, airplane mode, recent applications and so on. Tap on the option of ‘Recent applications‘ and the list of all the apps running on your device will be displayed. A maximum of six recently used applications will be displayed that is the maximum in case of HTC smartphones.

For other smartphones you can press the Power button for two seconds and then tap on the option of ‘Recent applications to display the last six recently running applications on your screen. Now you can just tap on the respective apps to bring them to the front.

That was the easy way to view the recently opened application on your smartphone. If you wish to look for the list of running applications on your handset then navigate to Menu > Settings > Running Services where you will find the list of all those applications that are running and thus lead to battery consumption.

When you tap on any application, it will display the option to close the application or continue the services. It is suggested that you close those application that you are not using since it always consumes battery life.