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There are certain words that we commonly use that are not present in the English dictionary but are present on our smartphones. Or may be the language that you speak is different from the default language of your smartphone. Not sure about others but I opt to go with a mix of Hindi language with English since my idea is to type as fast as possible while texting others. Whenever I come across a new word that is not recognized for auto completion of words, I add it to the dictionary so that whenever I want to use it again later, it gets displayed in the auto complete text field that is indeed a quiet impressive of my Android smartphone.

Basically there are two methods by which you can add words to the user dictionary. Here we have come up with some simple tips to discuss the procedure on how to add words to the user dictionary that will enable you to type faster. So let’s get down to check out both the procedures.

Method 1:

In this method, you do not need to do anything. While writing a message or in an email, whenever you enter a particular word that is not recognized by your smartphone, just long press on that word and click on the option of “Add to dictionary”.

This is it. Next time when you use that particular word, it will appear in auto complete suggestions which is perfect.

Method 2:

Users can also manually add certain words to the dictionary. To do that navigate to the option of Phone settings > Language and Keyboard settings > User dictionary. On User dictionary click on the option of Menu and add the word. This method requires you to exit out of the work that you are doing and then add it manually in the settings.

As for me I would go with the first method mentioned above since it is pretty easy and does not require any extra work to be perfomed. This option is included in all the Android smartphones except in Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone. Thus you can easily add words to the User dictionary by following the simple tips mentioned above carefully.