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Fix Google Play Store Apps Unsuccessful Download Error – Tips

By on March 31, 2012
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Users are constantly look for more and more ways to extend their Android device’s utility. They tend to install a variety of apps from the Google Play Store to make their devices more functional. These apps bind together the Android hardware for effective execution. Browsing through the Google Play Store can sometimes generate errors.

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Although the possibilities of encountering errors are quiet negligible as they account for a mere 1%, sometimes it can get pretty irritating. In case you have ever encountered any errors like  ‘Download Unsuccessful’ then you need not get pissed off as we have come up with some fairly simple tips with the help of which you can completely avoid these errors.

Steps to Fix Google Play Apps Unsuccessful Download Error:

Step-1: From your smartphone click on Menu then tap on Settings.

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Step-2: From the various Settings options, click on the option of Application.

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Step-3: Application option manages all the applications installed in your smartphone. You can view all the running apps, manage and also delete them. For that you have to click on the option of Manage Applications.

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Step-4: Next click on the option of Market  present under the Manage applications.

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Step-5: Choose the option of Clear Cache to clear off all the cache present in your Android smartphone.

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You must also clear the Browser cache and other cookies, along with Google Apps, Google Talk and other checking services. After you are done with removing all these, verify if the Google Play Store is working perfectly or not and also check out if  you are able to download the applications successfully or not.

This workaround will work on any Android smartphone irrespective of the Android version you are running on. It doesn’t matter if you have the Gingerbread or Froyo or Ice Cream Sandwich installed in you smartphone. Thus you can easily fix the unsuccessful downloads error of Android apps from Google Play store by following the steps mentioned above carefully.

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