Funniest Mistakes You Commit in Facebook – Beware and Avoid them

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Facebook is used by many users around the globe and some are addicted to the website too and in fact it also has become the residence of many when seen practically. This keeps the humor on and rising along with connecting to friends. Many of the Facebook users have involuntarily have come across a lot of mistakes in the messages as well as the wall post mistakes and can vow that users become so stupid while posting online. Well, here are some mistakes and stuffs discussed below.


1. Spelling Mistakes

A user can off course understand your eagerness in while you are expressing but stuffs like spelling mistakes make no sense of the word and hence they are unacceptable. The laughter results when your friends rectify your mistakes posting them as comments. There are a lot of examples of spelling mistakes such as “live like you were dieing” or “If i tld u whts on my mind id hv 2 kill u.”


2. Status Mistakes

Many users post silly status updates which cause shame and these kinds of people should not use Facebook. The idiotic statuses start from silly failure in love which is make announcements of the unfairness happened to them in life. Users should understand that each and every tragedy as well as emotion should not be updated as status even if Facebooks facilitates to post your own content. In fact you have the Freedom of speech but that does not mean to waste valuable cyberspace with such stupid and silly statuses which are insignificant. Hence, think wisely before you post an update as status.

3. Add Friends Wisely

Beware and add your friends wisely. The most funny things which brings laughter is when a person is caught having badmouth with his/her bosses practically. Like, if you do feel that you are unable to have control on your insist to speak out what you have got to say about your superiors, then you can at least not include them in your friend list to keep them unaware and hence save yourself from humiliation and shame. This also does apply to your family as you may post some content which may offend your family’s feelings, so you should carry out some privacy settings to be on the safe side.

4. Too Many Photos

The flood of unnecessary pictures and images in your news feed is also an annoying thing. You can off course share a lot of stuffs and you pictures too to the whole globe but that does not mean that you should share each and every experience of yours as this is sometimes annoying. Many a times sharing of your images can dig way to humiliating situations with family and bosses. Therefore, be careful with your uploading of images.

5. Relationship Updates

Your affinity to do updates of everything including your relationship status along with detailed information of personal life in every minute is an annoying as well as uncomfortable thing for most of your friends. There is no need for you to display your story of romance and intimacy on this public social platform. This will bring a good maintenance to your reputation as well as keep your relationship safe and sound.


You should stop yourself from doing such mistakes even though these statuses bring laughter and entertainment to many people. These mistakes are not acceptable in much point of views and hence avoid this.