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Worried about your new boyfriend?? He might check your past by browsing through your Facebook profile history by the new timeline pin added recently. You keep on complaining why always these changes if everything is fine there. But with timeline you can let know people about yourself so well as so that you have your history eroded. When your Facebook account is migrated to the new Timeline – which will let you revise your details and make adjustments to your privacy settings before everything goes live for everyone to see.

So you can check out these certain steps in which ways you can keep yourself away from your past.

How to Make all Posts Friends-Only :

If you seriously don’t want to let people know of your past then the easiest way to avoid this is to use one of the blanket privacy settings : “Limit the Audience for past Posts. “You’ll find this option near the bottom of your Privacy Settings page. If you use this post then the content of your post will automatically be shared with your friends only and not out of the league. But though people who are tagged and their friends will still be able to see the post.
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Limit the Posts by Others on your Timeline :

Another way of hiding past posts will be limiting specific people or groups of people from viewing what others have posted on your wall. To proceed with this, go to your Privacy Settings page, then select “Edit Settings” next to “How You Connect.” Select the drop-down menu next to the last item–”Who can see posts by others on your timeline?” and choose “Custom.” After this just click the box under “Hide this from,” list down the names of the people who you want to exclude from viewing posts posted by others on your wall. After all things are set then click Save Changes.

Edit Every Post Manually :

This option is actually not recommended so much because it is very much time-consuming and at times frustrating. What happens exactly is that your Timeline lets you search year by year and further into months. You need to browse individually each post on a particular date and hide it.fb tl

If you are very particular for posts and don’t want a ruckus in your life then better try to do it manually as one single post can ruin your life with someone. And also available is the View profile feature which enables you to see what others can look in your profile. To make do this feature you need to click the gear icon on the right just below your photo and click View as from the drop down menu.This will show you how your profile appears to the public, then choose the person you are particular of be it your brother, boyfriend or sister and then click enter. Yes the job’s done. Hurray_!!