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Facebook, the giant social network which has a huge mass of users and is widely used in the world has made changes to its Photo viewing interface. Well, this social network always has its hands itching to do something with its layout and its interface and the company has made changes to its photo viewing interface. The details of the changes made in the layout and the interface are discussed below in details.

The network has always been repeatedly doing some or the other changes to its web display and its interface. This time the website has released a new and latest interface of photo viewing which features larger images. This gives a better experience to the user as this new interface fits to the screen. Along with this, the user can find as well as search images and albums very easily.

The users will be facilitated to find the images or albums in which he or she has been tagged or has been shared with a particular image with this his or her friends. The user will also be able to highlight some selective images making use of the ‘star’ button which is situated o the on top right corner and at the side of the edit button. Fairly, this has the same kind of working as of the timeline posts because a user can highlight a post making use of the ‘star’ button at present.

In comparison to the earlier photo viewing experience, this is a neat and amazing change facilitating the users in many ways of assistance. There are a lot of hopes from the company that this would bring big changes to the interface as well as to the experiences of the users.