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As Facebook and its utility are increasing day by day, some Chutias are apprehended by the site’s authorities for creating numerous fake accounts which gets a bad imprisoning impression of this social networking site. It all happened when there was a serious concern raised by the All Assam Chutia Students’ Union (Aacsu) against this social networking site. The site blocked the accounts of many subscribers of the Chutia community charging that their accounts were fake and not genuine. In fact, this is likely to happen because the term “Chutia” sounds too funny and I’m sure you will get to laugh on it but this term is pronounced as Sutiya and is a Assamese community. This particular community of the Assam is a racial tribe and has a wealthy past and historical background.

chutia facebookWhile in a conference held at Jorhat, Jyotiprasad Chutia, the general secretary of the Aacsu addressed that the authorities of Facebook have blocked the accounts of the Chutia community’s subscribers believing that those were fake accounts as every account featured a “Chutia” surname. As discussed earlier, Chutia is a funny abusive word in Hindi and therefore this particular word infected the minds of the Facebook authorities and made them take action and hence blocking the accounts. The authorities are unaware of the real fact that the Chutia is an Assamese racial tribe having a huge wealthy historical background.

The Chutia tribe of the Assam is now fierce and decided to take measures and actions blaming the social networking site for such an indecent deed. Among all of Assam, the students’ association resisted against the site and determined to destroy and flame up the images, figures, dummies, etc of Facebook. Pictures were set on fire in the major districts of Assam which included Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Sivasagar, Jorhat and Golaghat. Moreover, the Chutia’s demanded Facebook to publically apologize for its unfair and indecent action.

The leaders of the Chutia community also stated that they are disappointed and sorrowful with the action taken by the Facebook authorities. They were discontented saying that the authorities took and unfair action by blocking thousands of accounts without even verifying and confirming the matter sincerely and gravely. The community takes the matter as a conspiracy rooted against them and hence they are cautioning for such further actions. In fact this was unfair that Facebook even blocked the accounts of some well-known personas or persons and its sad to say that the authorities of Facebook could not even identify some popular artists such as Krishnamoni Chutia who belonging to the Chutia community. Well, the community has protested and asked Facebook to reactivate their accounts the way it was before.