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Inside View of Apple’s Cupertino Headquarters [Photos]

By on April 8, 2012
Apple Cupertino Headquarters

Have you ever seen Apple’s Cupertino Headquarters? If you are a big fan of Apple products then you must be wondering how the inside of Apple’s headquarters looks like. Apple’s headquarters is situated in Cupertino, California. It is not possible for everyone to get access inside the Apple’s headquarters. It is possible only for some lucky people. Even the employees of Apple needs permission to enter some part of the building. It is one of the mysterious places available in the world. All Apple products including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad are designed at this place. Apple Gazette has posted some photos of Apple’s Cupertino Headquarters. If you are curious to see the inside of Apple’s headquarters then you can see the photos of Apple’s Cupertino Headquarters posted below. I am sure the photos posted below will give pleasure to your curious eyes.

Apple Cupertino Headquarters

Apple Cupertino Headquarters 1

Apple Cupertino Headquarters 2

Apple Cupertino Headquarters 3

Apple Cupertino Headquarters 4

Apple Cupertino Headquarters 5

Apple Cupertino Headquarters 6

Apple Cupertino Headquarters 7

Apple Cupertino Headquarters 8

Apple Cupertino Headquarters rec room

Apple basketball court

Apple fitness center

Apple meeting room

Apple Town Hall

Apple Wireless Testing Lab

Apple Design Facility

The photos posted above provides the inside view of Apple’s Headquarters in Cupertino, California. You can clearly see the photos of atrium, Reception Desk, rec room, outdoor basketball court, fitness center, meeting room, Men’s Room sign, Women’s Room sign, Cafeteria, Company Store, Town Hall, Wireless Testing Lab and Design Facility of Apple. After entering the headquarters of Apple, first you will see the reception desk, then you will see atrium where you can find couches, and tables. Then you can see Apple Company Store. The inside of Apple’s Headquarters shows that the walls are made up of glass and the floors are made up of wood. After Apple Company Store, you can see the cafeteria where the Apple employees eat food.

After cafeteria, you can see the rec room where the Apple employees takes break. Outside of the rec room, there is a basketball court. Then you can see the fitness room where the the Apple employees do exercise. After the fitness room, you can see the meeting room. Then you can see Apple Town Hall where the company organizes various events. Then you can see the Wireless Testing Lab of Apple. According to a recent report, a 7.85-Inch iPad exists in the Research Lab of Apple. I hope you have enjoyed the photos of Apple’s Cupertino Headquarters.

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