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Facebook and Dropbox iOS Apps have Security Hole

By on April 7, 2012
Facebook Security Hole

The most popular Facebook app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad have a security hole using which anyone can access your Facebook account and personal information. Using this security hole, anyone can copy the “plist” file from the device running Facebook app and paste it in other devices. Then he can access your Facebook profile. This security hole is discovered by Security researcher Gareth Wright who claimed that the security hole available in Facebook app requires physical access. In order to access your Facebook profile, the hacker has to access the iOS device running Facebook app. The hacker will not be able to hack your facebook account without physical access of iOS device running Facebook app.

Facebook Security Hole

According to Gareth Wright, anyone can copy the “plist” file from your iOS device running Facebook app using an app named iExplore. It does not require jailbroken iOS device. Gareth Wright has also informed the security team of Facebook about this security hole. According to the security team of Facebook, soon they will fix this issue. Another popular app Dropbox also have the same security hole which allows anyone to access the personal information of user. This security hole is discovered by The Next Web who claimed that hackers have to access the iOS device which is running Dropbox app in order to access the personal information of the user.

Dropbox Security Hole

According to the developer of Dropbox app, soon he will release updated version of Dropbox to fix the security issue. You should note that both Facebook and Dropbox app stores personal information in a plain text, as a result anyone can access your personal information easily. This is the main reason for this security issue. As the hacker needs physical access of the iOS device to access the personal information of user, so currently there is no risk. You should keep your iOS device safely.

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