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Apple to Launch 7-Inch iPad in October

By on May 11, 2012
iPad mini

Various rumors have been floating around the internet regarding the smaller 7-inch iPad since the launch of iPad. Recently DigiTimes has reported that Foxconn Electronics has received order from Apple to manufacture 7-inch iPad Mini. They have received this information from the supply chain maker who claims that Apple will launch iPad Mini in August. Now we came to know that the 7-inch iPad will be launched in October. According to iMore, Apple is planning to launch 7-inch iPad in October alongside the new iPhone.

iPad mini

iMore has received this information from their source who claims that 7-inch iPad will cost between $200 and $250. If Apple launches iPad mini in October at a price $200 then it will be a great competitor of Android based Amazon Kindle Fire, which is available at a price of $199. iMore claims that 8 GB model of 7-inch iPad mini will be available at a price of $200 and the screen resolution of 7-inch iPad will be similar to the screen resolution of new iPad. 7-inch iPad will come with Retina display with 2048×1536 resolution. This is really a great news for the people those are waiting to purchase 7-inch iPad mini.

You should note that iMore is not the first website who is claiming that Apple will launch 7-inch iPad mini this year. Recently the Korea Times has also claimed that Apple will launch smaller iPad by the end of this year. They have received this information from a Samsung executive who claimed that Samsung will supply PLS-based LCD screen for the smaller iPad.

Recently John Gruber of Daring Fireball has claimed that a 7.85-inch iPad exists in the research lab of Apple. Ciccarese Design has also created some concept pictures of smaller 7.85-inch iPad. If the prediction of iMore comes true, then you will be able to purchase Retina display enabled 7-inch iPad mini in October.

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