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Brightness Motion Control Your Android Phone Brightness by Just Flick

By on June 24, 2011
brightness motion android app

Though XDA developers have come again with the same but with an interesting way. This time XDA developers have developed a simple yet very interesting way to change the screen brightness of your Android devices. The new Brightness Motion Android app is developed by Marinelli.Tv. XDA reports that, “we tend to take utmost care of our devices so that they don’t get hit, scratched, or damaged and yet we install and create apps which work by flicking or slinging them. The instructions are very easy once you configure your setting accordingly, then you can move your device to the right to raise brightness and the left to decrease the brightness.

brightness motion android app

Settings of the new Brightness Motion Android app includes, Motion sensibility, Interval detection, Brightness steps. There’s also a Pro version for you at Android market which unlock setting such as, Start on boot, ability to turn haptic on and off and more.

Though it’s an interesting app but sometime it can be very useful for example; when you need to change the brightness but you can’t leave what you’re doing right now in your phone at that time you can change the phone brightness by just a flick. If you’re interested about this app, then you you can download the .apk file XDA app thread.

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