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Transform Android Tablet into Old-school Gaming Console – Tips

By on May 8, 2012
old skul games 1

Sometimes it feels good to relapse back into the past and re-experience those moments from where it all started. With the modern-day gadgets you can build your own mini time machine and play games that were played by people once upon a time. Here we have come up with some simple tips that will enable you to build your own old-school game console with the  help of your Android tablet, game controllers and some cables.

old skul games 1

Connect Your Tablet to TV:

The first step to make your your tablet operate as an old-school game console is to connect your tablet to the TV. To do this you have to confirm whether your tablet supports HDMI output. If your tablet supports HDMI output, you have to invest in a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable or adapter to connect the TV to your tablet. After connecting the tablet to the TV let’s proceed to connect the controllers.

 tablet hdmi

Control The Game:

You simply cannot control the game without Game controllers. Game controllers are the heart and mind of console game players. However first you have to check if your tablet is capable of USB Host mode. USB Host mode is a feature that enables users to plug in USB devices including game controllers into your tablet via USB cable. USB Host mode feature is available from Android version 3.1 onwards.

Those of you who are not sure about the version of your tablets can check it in the following manner: Click on the clock located on the bottom right of the screen. Next click on the switches icon then navigate to Settings > About Tablet. After getting it confirmed that your device is running on Android version 3.1 and higher, you can now select which controller to use. You can also opt to use your old SNES or PlayStation controllers and connect them to your tablet via USB adapter.

snes controller

The USB adapters can be purchased via online or hardware stores. You also need OTG (on-the-go) cables to convert the Micro USB port on your tablet into a normal-sized USB port. However if your already has full-size USB ports, you wouldn’t require an OTG cable. In case you own an Xbox 360, you can purchase the official Xbox Controller Wireless Receiver and play your games wirelessly.

If you have Wii or PS3 controllers then you can connect them wirelessly to your tablet via Bluetooth. In this case you don not require your tablet to be on Android 3.1, nor do you require any OTG cables as you would be using Bluetooth for connection. However you would require the help of some Android apps such as Sixaxis Controller for the PS3 or wiimotecontroller for the Wii.

Select The Emulator & ROM Images:

After you have connected your tablet to the TV and your controllers are all set, it’s the turn of emulators now. Gaming emulator is software that replicates or copies that is emulates the environment of a gaming console so that games intended for the gaming console can be played in a new environment. Here the gaming emulator will enable you to play the old games on your Android tablet. You can download the game console emulator from this link and install it on your tablet.

Finally the last thing that you are required to do is copy your game ROMs into a folder on your tablet. ROM images are files extracted from the read-only memory of your video game cartridges and are the virtual game cartridges, while emulator is a virtual game console. Both are required to play the game smoothly. After saving the ROM to your tablet, you have to just start up the emulator app, configure it that is assign buttons on the game pad and you are ready to take your trip in your time machine, back to the time of old-school games.

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