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Picasa Tool – Upload Multiple Photos from Android Device to Picasa Web Service

By on April 10, 2012
picasa tool

Recently some users had inquired on how can they upload multiple photos together at one shot to their Picasa Account from their Samsung smartphone or tablet? Even though the question seemed pretty simple they couldn’t figure out the solution. Don’t worry folks we are here with the answer.

picasa tool

Picasa has a really a good tie up with Google and provides free photo storage cloud services. Picasa has evolved in time and has been providing better services to customers who own a Google Account. The answer to users question is a certain Android application called Picasa Tool. Picasa Tool is an Android application specially designed for Android smartphones and tablets. It enables users to manage their Google Photos and Picasa Web Album with the help of powerful user interface.

After you have installed the app to your smartphone or tablet, tap on the middle icon at the top to load images to your computer or PC.

picasa app 1

Choose the images that you want to upload. You can directly opt for multiple selections so that you can select as many images as you wish to.

picasa app 2

After selecting the images, tap on the option of Upload, and you will prompted to provide the location of the folder where you want to upload.

picasa app 3

Hit on the option of OK when you are done. The photos will be uploaded sequentially one by one and will be clearly visible on your notification bar.

picasa app 4

After all the photos are uploaded, you will also receive a notification.

picasa app 5

You can visit the Picasa Tool Albums tabs and you will find that the photos have been uploaded to your album.

picasa app 6

Picasa Tool offer some additional features than just mass pictures upload that are:

  • Access Picasa uploaded photos with offline web albums
  • Easy Picasa web album management
  • Photo editor effects like red eye, contrast, draw tool and others
  • Photo uploader
  • Multiple Google Accounts log in

You can download Picasa Tool Android Application from the Google Play Store for free. To download it directly to your smartphone or tablet, visit the app’s page and just hit on the Install button to begin the download and installation process. The current version of this app and it’s requirements varies with the device.

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