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Lock & Unlock Smartphone With Your Face – FaceLock App

By on April 17, 2012
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Face Unlock and Android Beam are two new features of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. But users having Android smartphones running on Android 2.3.6 and higher can still enjoy the face unlock feature from Android 4.0 ICS with the help of a new Android app called as FaceLock app.

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FaceLock is an Android application developed by SmartApps Mobile that enables users to use their face as a key to unlock and access their non-ICS Android smartphones. The best part is you do not need a front camera to use this app. This app can utilize your rear camera to unlock your smartphone.

After launching the FaceLock app in your Android device, you will directly be lead to its main menu consisting of options that will enable you to customize the app’s performance.  Click on the option of Enable FaceLock button from the main menu to enable FaceLock on your smartphone. This will activate the app on your smartphone.

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This app also enables users to take pictures of themselves and train the app to identify its owners. To initiate training the app, click on the Train face recognition button and start taking pictures. You have to take at least seven pictures of yourselves at different angles and different lighting conditions. For example you can shave your beard on the first photo, wear your glasses on the second, give a smiling face at the third, hide in a dark place, and likewise til the app has enough pictures to detect your face. You can even take pictures of your trusted friends and allow them to unlock your smartphone.

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As the original Face Unlock feature of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, FaceLock app also has a an alternative plan in case it doesn’t recognize its owner. The app will ask the user to type-in the PIN, password, or pattern-based unlock key. You can set the password or PIN by clicking on the option of Set password / PIN from the app’s main menu. The pattern-based unlock features are  available only in the pro version of FaceLock.

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This app also protects the SettingsTask Manager, and Google Play on your smartphone and will enable you to lock applications on your smartphone. In the pro version of FaceLock, you can choose unlimited applications and set the app as a lock screen on your smartphone. Other options include Security levelLocking options, and Camera options.

FaceLock is a fun and secure to way to unlock your smartphone with the help of your face. As long as your phone is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and higher versions, you do not need a front-facing camera to enjoy Face Unlock on your Android smartphone.

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You can download FaceLock Android app from the Google Play Store in two variants that is for Free and the Pro version. To download it directly to your smartphone or tablet, visit the app’s page and just hit on the Install button to begin the download and installation process. The current version of this app is 2.3.7 and it requires Android version 2.3 and up to operate.

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