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Download Google PLAY Store v3.5.16 APK [Updated]

By on April 7, 2012
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Since the launch of Android Market Place to its transformation into Google PLAY Store, Google has been busy updating its past releases and bunch of firmwares. Over the past couple of days, a number of issues have been reported regarding crashes in Google PLAY Store and so to address this issue, Google came out with an all new version of Google PLAY Store known as 3.5.16.

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Few days back, we had come across three updates for Google PLAY Store that is  3.4.6 , 3.4.7 & 3.5.15 versions. With these updates not only did the version number change, but also a number of features got added. Here we will be checking out the new features included in this new version of 3.5.16.

It is to be noted that updating the PLAY Store manually by following the instructions will not void the warranty in any manner.  This new update can be applied to all devices irrespective of the region you are from or the firmware version you are currently running on. Let’s check out the new features included in this update.

New Features:

  • Play Store has becomes faster than 3.5.15
  • Frequent force close issues for users of Froyo 2.2 has been solved
  • Works faster even on slower data speeds
  • Minor UI changes in “My Apps” section

Must Have:

Download Google PLAY v3.5.16 APK

Steps to Install Google PLAY v3.5.16:

Step-1: Download Google PLAY v3.5.16 APK from the Must Have section to your computer or you can even download it directly to your smartphone.

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Step-2: After downloading this APK to your computer, connect your device to the computer via USB Cable and copy the downloaded APK file to your device.

Step-3: Remove the connected USB Cable from the computer after copying is over and follow the on-screen instructions to update the Google PLAY Store to the new version. You can refer to the screen captures shown below while proceeding with the updation.

google play new update 2

Step-4: Open My Files or File explorer in your Android smartphone and click on the placed APK file named as “++++++++++++++” to install it. Next click on the option of “Open” to open the new Google PLAY Store after installation.

Step-5: After installation is complete, you will be prompted to click on the “Accept” button. In case you are prompted to select the option of “Unknown Sources” then proceed to select it.

Thus you can easily update the Google PLAY Store with the latest 3.5.16 version by following the steps mentioned above carefully and enjoy the benefits of this new version.

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